How to make your Sonos system work perfectly for you…each and every time!

How to make your Sonos system work perfectly for you…each and every time!

Posted By Erin Murphy on February 23, 2016 at 9:21 am

Hi, it’s Erin here at Chase AV and today I’m going to talk you about making your Sonos system work for you.

Both personally and professionally, I think Sonos is amazing.

I’ve been installing it for years and I still get a kick out of hearing the first song through the speakers once the system is set up. It’s really cool seeing the client’s face too, once they realise what Sonos is capable of.

But it’s not good enough to just have a Sonos system installed in your home…you need to have a Sonos system that actually works!!

Was your Sonos system correctly installed?

When I talk to clients about their existing Sonos systems I often hear two totally different stories.

Typically, the man of the house will proudly tell me he has a Sonos system, which was installed by the electrician when the house was being built. And it was going to be the answer to all his problems, make his life great, there would be non-stop dancing and the parties would be talked about for years.

Then, when I ask the lady of the house, she says Sonos sucks! She hates it, she wishes she never had it installed. She tells me how it always causes fights 10 minutes before guests arrive, it never works when you need it and so on…

Your Sonos system is only as good as your home network

So what’s gone wrong here?

To truly enjoy your Sonos system and fully realise its capabilities:

  •  it needs to be installed correctly in the first place; and
  •  attention needs to be paid to your home network.

Even though Sonos is marketed as a wireless system, as a professional installer I will always ensure that I hard wire every Sonos device on your system back to your router.

That’s right…I said HARD WIRED…because I want to maximise your Sonos system listening experience, by guaranteeing your system works perfectly every time. My rule of thumb is to have all devices physically connected on the network and use the wifi for control of the devices. This keeps the home wifi network as uncongested as possible…and lets the data cable do the heavy lifting. Wifi in the home is a limited resource so whenever possible, connect your stuff with a wire.

Your wifi can then be freed up to browse your favourite sites and control your Sonos etc with the most efficiency.

If you use a Boost or Bridge make sure they are connected to your router and located in a central part of the home for the best coverage. Unfortunately, as these devices are usually directly connected to your modem/router (in a faraway corner of the home) they will create a dedicated wireless network for your Sonos, but with limited range. Placement is everything!

What Sonos needs for best control is solid wifi…not wifi extenders, network extenders, powerline adapters are horrible, or other network ‘quick fixes’. You need a single wifi network that works through the entire home, not multiple networks.

Don’t waste your time and money on band aid fixes for your wireless network. Get someone in who can provide you with a single network.

Chase AV can bring beautiful sound back into your life

At Chase AV, we think it’s a real shame if you have a Sonos system that you can’t use or enjoy.

Every Sonos system we’ve installed, our clients have loved….some of them do have non-stop dancing at parties that are talked about for years!

But most importantly, they have a system that everyone in their house can use…a system that works perfectly every time.

If you have a Sonos system that isn’t working for you, don’t despair. We can advise you on your home network and hardwire your Sonos system for you and build a reliable wireless network.

Sonos is such a great system it’s worth investing the time to get it set it up right.

Talk to us now about installing or fixing your Sonos System.

Audio Visual Installation

Audio Visual Installation

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Audio Visual Service

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Audio Visual  Solutions

Audio Visual Solutions

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