Rock Speakers just don’t cut it anymore

Rock Speakers just don’t cut it anymore

Posted By Erin Murphy on March 18, 2018 at 8:56 pm

Whenever the topic of outdoor sound comes up it’s usually met with a bit of resistance. ‘Yeah we’ve had rock speakers in the garden before. We didn’t use them much’ is something I’ve heard a lot.

The reason the rock speakers didn’t get used much is because they sounded fairly awful. 2 under powered speakers located out in the garden which had to be cranked up to hear them in all sections of the yard. Add in the noisy kids in the pool and a bloke at the BBQ telling stories and you have a lot going on. The rock speakers start to get a little annoying at this point. Ask your neighbours!

It’s the same situation with the speakers mounted above the deck pointing out to the backyard. If the kids want to hear some quality top 40 pop while bombing each other in the pool, there’s no way you’re going to enjoy your beer, wine and conversation on the deck. Something’s gotta give and it’s usually the tunes. It’s a shame these speakers rarely get used but that’s the reality of it.

What I’ll do in these situations is offer to set up a demo of a Sonarray or SLS system depending on the size of the yard. These demos can be set up in minutes and it’s a perfect way of showing what is really possible in an outdoor situation.

The concept behind theses speakers is to create an even blanket of sound that is everywhere in the yard.

The Sonarray system consists of 8 small satellite speakers (they look like a garden light) and a sub woofer (looks like a mushroom!) and is perfect around a pool or in a typical quarter acre block situation. The speakers are dug in around the fence at equal points and actually all face back to the house. This creates a sound field that is perfectly dispersed inside the yard, but go outside the yard and sound drops away substantially. Very neighbour friendly. No need to crank it if the pool is being used and no need to turn it off if you want to chat on the back deck. The combination of speakers, the sub and a nice amplifier inside the home that drives the whole thing, will give you a result that will be the best sounding ‘room’ in the home.

The SLS system is the next step up in the food chain and is totally customiseable to your yard. The SLS is usually used for bigger properties, more unusual garden designs or situations where you need separate outdoor zones. The same end result though, you can play your music at a very low level that sounds amazing. It’s an outdoor music system that will actually get used which is the whole point!

I absolutely love these systems. I was blown away when I first heard them and still get a kick when I turn the demo on and see the reaction. Mostly ‘Wow that sounds amazing, I want one!

These systems are perfect for the family that loves music, loves a party and spends a lot of time outside. If this is you then give Chase AV a call and have a demo set up at your place

Audio Visual Installation

Audio Visual Installation

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Audio Visual Service

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