It’s Your Network

It’s Your Network

Posted By Erin Murphy on October 15, 2015 at 4:40 pm

Pretty much every audio visual device in people’s homes today are connected to the home network, either wirelessly or cabled directly to the modem/router using ethernet cables.

Networked AV devices allow us to stream online audio and video content. So we can watch movies or listen to music without the inconvenience of walking to your equipment and inserting a disc.

If you haven’t made the switch to streaming your movies and music then you still have to get up and go to the CD player to put your Neil Diamond Best Of album on.

You’re probably thinking is it really that inconvenient to get up and put a disc in the player?

You’re right…it’s not that big a deal but streaming does suit our lifestyles these days. We need our music accessible. We want it now. If you have some friends over who want you to check out a new band they’re into you can be listening to them in seconds, if you’re network is tip top.

I’ve just been speaking about the audio visual but of course you’re network provides so much more. It is integral to running the family home now it so I think it definitely deserves a bit more love.

The network is a magical thing operating behind closed doors and it generally serves us very well. The modem/router is the brains of the home network and it really is an amazing little piece of equipment. It manages and connects all the devices in your home and hands out a little piece of the internet to each device that needs it. If it is operating correctly all the devices will have access to the web and everything plays nicely.

If it is not operating correctly….

The home network is usually not treated very well, devices are added and removed constantly. No one can really see what state it’s in as all the magic happens inside the box so it gets neglected. But we all know when things go bad.

If you find searches are slowing down, your updates are taking longer or your movies and music are buffering  then try a network reboot.

1. Unplug the power to the modem/router, unplug power from your networked devices such as computers, printers, NAS drives, TV’s, AppleTV’s, music streaming devices etc.

2. Wait one minute.

3. Plug power back in to your modem/router.

4. Wait one minute.

5. Plug power back in to your networked devices.

6. Wait one minute.

7. Plug power back in or turn back on any wireless devices.

8. Wait one minute.

9. Your network has now been fully rebooted.

The home network can be managed like any other aspect of your home…neat, tidy and simple is best. A little attention every now and then is all that is needed.

If these steps don’t work for you, you’ll need to have someone take a look at your network. There’s always improvements to be made so it’s that little bit quicker.

Audio Visual Installation

Audio Visual Installation

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Audio Visual Service

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Audio Visual Solutions

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