Installing Your Perfect AV System

Installing Your Perfect AV System

Posted By Erin Murphy on October 15, 2015 at 4:41 pm

It can seem a daunting task, so many options, features, functions, flat screens. So many products and so many people. Are they qualified to give sound advice?

How do you go about having the perfect AV system installed?

The AV system that is perfect for you, your home and your budget.

The AV system will be used every day, like the lights, the taps and the toilet. But during a new build or renovation, the AV system often gets put in the ‘too hard we’ll do it later’ basket. Or gets offloaded from one trade to the next, or is spoken about then forgotten until it’s too late.

Call me biased, but I think it needs to be addressed as early as possible. If it’s done right it can be one of the enjoyable aspects of the build. Because what are we talking about here? It’s watching TV and listening to music! It’s your entertainment and your leisure time.

Planning that moment when you get to kick back with a glass of fruit juice (no added sugar), put some tunes on and enjoy your home and your family should be fun.

Here’s a few tips to enjoying the whole process.

1. Choosing who to use

Honest and trustworthy.  You’ll need good advice, a professional work ethic and someone you can comfortably talk to. Referrals are always the best way to find trades so you need to talk to your friends and find out who they’ve used or who they’ve heard about.

The AV often doesn’t come under the builders scope so if you bring in a ‘new guy’ he’ll need  work with your builder and his tradies harmoniously!

When you are choosing someone for your AV you should definitely use a specialist. It might sound obvious but if another trade (electrician perhaps!!) ends up wearing the audio visual hat, the system may not meet your  expectations. Don’t get me wrong I love electricians! In fact some of my best friends are electricians.

But if you really want an AV system that is perfect for you, you need someone who is across the industry and has knowledge and access to the products that will suit you best.

2. Organise a site visit

Meet your installer and discuss the system on site.  Here you can throw ideas around such as what your expectations are, how will it look and sound, how you would like to use the system, who will use it, what your budget is, what options there are.

If you have the right person they will have more than one solution for you.

3. Get a quote

Once you have the quote in your hands don’t be afraid to call and ask questions. Like anything in life there is a good, better, best option. The AV system can be tailored to meet your budget and your expectations.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until;

a) you have a quote you like

b) you’re totally out of time and you end up with your brother in law’s best mate who knows heaps about AV and stuff

I really hope it’s a)

If you’ve accepted a quote it means you’re happy with the installer, his proposed system and his price. It’s now up to him to prove you made the right decision. If he’s on top of things he won’t need to be managed through the process and you’ll be able to attend to the thousand other things on your plate. So tick AV off the list and throw yourself back into the build. There’s a lot to do!

Audio Visual Installation

Audio Visual Installation

We can bring you amazing sound that you cannot see, wherever and whenever you want it in your home.

Say goodbye to bulky, ugly speakers with new possibilities in home entertainment. Incredible, easy-to-use technology, offering you amazing sound without affecting your home’s design.

Audio Visual Service

Audio Visual Service

We can get your entertainment system up and running and sounding better than ever.

And we can provide you with a choice of control systems that everyone in the family can easily use. Even the babysitter, grandparents and guests!

Audio Visual  Solutions

Audio Visual Solutions

At Chase AV we specialise in creating control systems that allow your entire family to easily control all of your entertainment devices with the one, easy-to-use remote.