How to make Sonos sound even better….

How to make Sonos sound even better….

Posted By Erin Murphy on April 11, 2016 at 7:56 am

I’m sure everybody knows about Sonos. You know… The wireless music system.

….then again maybe I can’t put any perspective on it because I install the stuff all the time. But the fact that you’re reading this means you probably know about Sonos.
I’ve written a bit about Sonos previously, which you could have a look at, but today I want to write about another Sonos phenomenon that I continually come across.
The one where your mate says ‘Hey check out my new Sonos system it’s totally awesome, it’s all controlled on this app see? Here you go, you just open this app, then type in a song you want to hear. What song do you want? Hells Bells by AC/DC no worries just type it in and wait for it…Hells Bells!!!’ and then you sit back and look at the sense of satisfaction on your best mate’s face as the first few bars of a classic track begin to play.  But….it sounds kinda crap.
No way you can tell him though. It’d be easier to tell him his children may not be gifted, and that most kids could play Let It Go on the recorder if given the chance.

But I Thought It Would Sound Better…

The Sonos speakers Play1, Play3 and Play5 are all awesome sounding speakers and when used properly provide a great result, but what’s happened in the above example is when the best mate has had Sonos installed using the Connect Amp or Connect and a poor choice has been made with the speakers.
The Connect Amp is Sonos’ zone amplifier. So when installed correctly the Connect Amp would normally be located tucked away in the rack that houses the modem/router and the home network equipment. Here it is easily connected to the router for network access, and then speaker cables are run out to the room where the speakers are installed.
And the speakers that are used here will make or break the system. All speakers pretty much look the same right (with a few exceptions) but all speakers most definitely do not sound the same.

It might look the part but the sound has to be there too!

If you go to the effort of choosing Sonos as your music system don’t let the whole thing down with nasty speakers from the electrical wholesaler or ebay. It might look the part but the sound has to be there too!
There’s so many speaker options out there that can be tailored to your room. There’s no real ‘one size fits all’ solution that you could use in all situations.
I’ve found the best results are when you team a Sonos Connect (it’s Sonos’ preamp) up with a power amp and some great speakers. You’ll end up with the best of both worlds in that you have a great music system that is super simple to use, while also achieving the best sound possible through good speaker and amplifier combinations. There’s no substitute for power when it comes to good sound but the flip side of a well amplified system means it sounds amazing at low volume too! Which in reality is where most people listen to their music.
Hopefully this makes sense if you have a system that you think should sound better or if you’re thinking of having a system installed at some point in the future.  Please contact me, happy to discuss further.
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